Save on campaigns

1. You can choose to 1. SAVE 20% per project every time you order 2. Bank credit of 20% per project and use for another time every time you order.
2. Example: For every £2500 project you can save £500 and the cost to you is only £2000 or for every £2500 project you can bank credit of £500 with us to spend at a later time of your choosing.
3. Minimum order spend is £750.
4. Maximum amount of credit you can bank is £5000.
5. Must be services Breathe Solutions provide and not include any purchasing of images, media or materials.
6. You can track your credit via secure Googledoc pages.
7. Save and Bank Credit options open to projects for existing and new customers.
8. Retainer contracts only apply to the Bank Credit option and must have a minimum of 3x months spend from the promotion opening date to qualify for the saving.
9. Retainer contracts can only apply the saving to the retainer or individual projects and not both.
10. Existing retainer contracts that have already been reduced due to Covid19 do not qualify for this promotion.
11. Offer ends 31st December 2020.
12. Credit must be spent by 30th June 2021.